Thursday, July 5, 2012

We interrupt the regular scheduled programming...

When I wrote my last post on January 31st, my hope was that the next one would be the happy announcement that we were once again pregnant.  But somewhere around April the Baby Express took an unexpected detour down Fertility Boulevard, encountering crossroads like Emotional Avenue, Injection Highway, and the junction of Hurry-up and Wait!

To sum up the last six months:  We tried; we failed; we called the doc.

So here we are at the beginning of a new chapter in this adventure; one we never thought we would be on.  One with bumpy roads, uncertainty, and no guarantees. 

I'm starting a bit late.  We've been through all the testing and found out I have PCOS (which sounds scary when you first hear you have it, but apparently isn't that big a deal...until you want babies); and, well, basically nothing else is wrong with either of us.  Comforting, right?

So here we are amidst our first IUI cycle.  It's pretty frustrating because things don't seem to be moving along like we'd like them to.  But for now we're just hanging in there hoping, with each appointment, for good news.

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