Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ready for my close-up

Mama's dear friend JJ -- aka Auntie Awesome -- generously arranged my very first photo shoot.  Mama, Papa, and I drove to Upland to see JJ's photographer friend Tira J.  I got to spend almost 4 whole hours in her home studio.  All I had to do was show up and look cute, and she did all the rest!  Mama and Papa stayed in the living room most of the time, so it will be a big surprise when they see the pictures.  Grandma Geeps got me a super cute ruffly Dorothy dress, but it's still a little big, so Aunt Stacey crocheted a smaller one for me to wear today.
Next time you need a photographer, I highly recommend Miss Tira!  I felt right at home with her and she really knows how to make girl look good!!


  1. I had NO IDEA that you weren't in the room. You're going to DIE when you see the pics. The sneaks that I saw were INCREDIBLE...chills worthy!

    1. I can't wait!! She did share your reactions to them, so no doubt we will love them all!

  2. Ah! Thanks for the fun blog post and mentions! I had a blast with all of you yesterday and yes, you will be in LOVE all over again! xoxo



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