Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dear Complaint Department

I am so thankful that the first six and a half months of my pregnancy was (dare I say) easy and without incident!  I remember praying for morning sickness that never came and, eventually, feeling grateful for not having to experience that.  I never had spotting.  Occasional brief seconds of stabbing pain due to my insides making room for Emma; a little fatigue; but none of the extreme inconveniences I imagined carrying a baby would bring.

And then month seven rolled around.  I mentioned in my last post about the numbness in my heels that I have been experiencing for about a month.  Thankfully, my 3-hour glucose test came back normal, and gestational diabetes is not the cause!  Yay for that, but my feet become achier every day.  I feel the stretching in my heels every time I stand up.  My feet swell up at least once a day.  Elevation helps, but I can't exactly walk around with my feet up in the air.  Nate has been wonderful with nightly foot massages, but the relief is temporary.

Insomnia has set in.  Having started back to work last week after having the summer off, I was looking forward to having a routine again and getting lots of rest before Emma's arrival.  No such luck.  Can't sleep through the night.  And I'm not talking about waking up to pee...I'm talking wide awake from midnight to 4:00am.  Nightly.  Really, Mr. Sandman???  You couldn't let me enjoy my last two months before mandatory midnight feedings and diaper changes begin?? 

My clothes don't fit.  No, not the size 6s that I was wearing last year (those days were over about 2.5 seconds after our little "Bubbles" made her presence known); but the maternity clothes that are supposed to "grow with you," they're tight.  I'm uncomfortable.  My feet don't fit in my shoes, and when they do, I need somebody else to tie them for me.  Bending over sucks.  The 4.5 miles I walk with Lexi every day that used to take 45 minutes now takes an hour and a half.

BUT...Miss Emma is more active than ever; I can actually see my tummy ripple as she kicks and squirms.  And that makes it worth it.  I have a little baby growing inside of me that made it past 8 weeks.  And that makes it worth it.  In two months, I'm going to be snuggling my daughter in my arms.  And that makes it worth it.  The love I feel in my heart is going to grow exponentially...and that, my friends, makes it all worth it.

It's hard sometimes to appreciate the challenges, but without them, we wouldn't appreciate the blessings.  So today I'm going to be thankful that I have feet in which to feel pain, a bed in which I can lie awake at night, and too-small clothes that reaffirm a life is growing inside of me. 

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  1. I will join in you in giving thanks for the blessing that you have been given. But... you can always call to vent when you need to!



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