Saturday, September 21, 2013

All grown up

This week, Nate and I both celebrated another year of birthdays with a little bit of pampering and relaxation.  Our last vacation before Emma arrives.

While we both enjoyed the weekend and the blessings of gifts, phone calls, cards, and Facebook messages from loved ones, we also had an epiphany of how different birthdays have become.  Rather than the excitement and anticipation of presents and parties, it's about the passing of time and the reminder of responsibility that comes with being a grown-up. 

It sounds depressing, but it's actually why I'm that much more excited for Emma to join us.  I can't wait for that excitement to be a part of our lives again.  Every year we will get to celebrate our long-anticipated gift from God and watch her grow through challenges and accomplishments.  I hope we will be reminded how it feels to be carefree and joyous like a child and that we will be able to set our adult responsibilities aside (when appropriate) and enjoy those childhood emotions once again.  Every day will take on new meaning as we field questions of curiosity and awe at the world being discovered around her.

That said, our last grown-up getaway as a family of two was just what the doctor ordered.  A day of pampering -- massages, mud baths, moisturizing treatments, and mineral spas; drives on two-lane country roads; a flock of wild turkeys; mountain views; and apple pie.  We didn't stop to take too many pictures -- which, one day, I may regret -- but it was nice to just enjoy our time and capture the memories in our minds.

Here are the highlights:
Nate started his morning with a healthy breakfast and a Bloody Mary.  Yum!
Overlooking the vista in a hot, relaxing jacuzzi.
No spas for me, but the saltwater pool was the perfect hangout!
Our first time to Julian, CA, for some famous apple pie...
...and yummy apple walnut pancakes...
...and home style potatoes and omelet.
One last note...asking for your prayers this week.  Failed my glucose test again last week and going back for the three-hour test on Wednesday.  I've been having pain in the heels of my feet for about a month -- possibly tarsal tunnel syndrome, which can be a symptom of gestational diabetes.  I am hoping for normal blood-sugar levels on Wednesday.  Will keep you posted...


  1. Will be praying for your test. I understand it's NO FUN. But speaking of fun, your Julian trip sounds amazing. Can't wait to hear more about it!!!

  2. Hi Lisa, my name's Jenn and I have an "adventures in babyland" too. :) I found your blog by accident, but I'm glad I did. I just wanted to wish you the best with your little Emma Lynn on the way. Thank you for sharing your struggles - and your joys. The struggles make the reward so much sweeter. Good luck on your test! Jenn @



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