Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hip, hip, hooray!!

Doc called this morning.  Labs came out excellent!  hCG = 5000 (I think the highest we ever got before was 810).  Normal hCG for 5 weeks is 18 - 7,340.  Even though anywhere in the range is "normal," I feel like I aced this one!

As far as progesterone, well, not only was it normal, but -- in true over-achiever fashion -- it was high!  Doc looks for 20; we "scored" 33.  Woo-freaking-hoo!  Remember those feel-like-you-peed-your-pants-all-day suppositories they made me use after the IUIs?  Yep...I get to skip them this go-round!

I'm feeling extra encouraged today.  Still no major symptoms aside from my engorged and sensitive boobies, but at least things are looking up.  Though, wouldn't mind a little morning barf session just to seal the deal.

Tomorrow's agenda: Ultrasound.  With any luck (and I mean luck...doc says we really shouldn't be able to see anything this early), we'll have a fetal pole.  Would love a little heartbeat too, but don't want to put too much pressure on Baby L just yet.

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