Monday, March 11, 2013

Playing catch-up

What a difference a diet makes*.

After our last IUI, we decided to take some time off and enjoy the holidays.  And that we did!  Since our little niece entered the world in October, the whole Lattimore fam ventured out to California for Christmas.  It was so nice to see everyone and spend some time with Kaitlyn Joy.  We had a fantastic end to 2012, but were looking forward to bigger and better things in the year to come.

*So on to the new diet...I decided that in the meantime between fertility treatments I would do whatever I could to help my cause.  The easiest place to start: nutrition.  Anyone that has seen me through my WeightWatchers journey/struggle/obsession knows that when I get serious, I get serious.  And as much as I L-O-V-E food, I somehow find it easy to manage when I put my mind to it.  Chalk it up to the control freak in me on a power trip when it feels like everything in my life is on a rampage.  Keep in mind, it had been 10 months since I had ovulated without medical intervention.

I kept coming across stories of women with PCOS who were seeing pretty immediate results on the Paleo (caveman) diet.  It's the easiest set of rules I've ever had to follow: Seeds, nuts, fruit, veggies, lean meats; avoid carbs, grains, sugar, dairy, and anything that comes pre-packaged.  My favorite part: red wine is A-OK!  I'm in!!  (By the way, PaleOMG is the place to go for recipes!)

Two weeks later, voila!  My little seedlings were back in action!

My first thought: We just spent thousands of dollars on fertility treatments and all I had to do was eat a salad instead of a sandwich?!

My second thought: HALLELUJAH!!

Five months later, not only am I still droppin' eggs, but they're right on time for the first time in my entire life as a "woman." 

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