Sunday, February 2, 2014

Surf City Half Marathon & Super Bowl

We finally got out of the house again today.  Mama, Grandma, and I headed down to Huntington Beach to watch Auntie Allison and Michelle run in the Surf City Half Marathon.  It was my first time watching a marathon and I had so much fun!  Auntie Allison set a new personal record...I think she was running so fast because she couldn't wait to see me at the finish.  :-)
Auntie Allison, Mama, and me at the finish.
It was Michelle's first half marathon too!
After running some errands, we headed home where I stared at the lights while Papa watched the Super Bowl.  I would've watched too, but anyone else who saw it will tell you that the lights were more exciting than the game.  :-)

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