Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Baptism

Today was a very special day for me.  Twenty of our friends and family gathered together at Christ Lutheran Church in Brea for my baptism.
Mama and Aunt Stacey were baptized there as little girls, and Grandma and Opa have been attending services there for many, many years.
I wore a beautiful traditional baptismal gown handmade by Grandma Susan

and a personalized bracelet made of real pearls, crystals, and three charms -- my initial "E," a cross, and my birthstone -- given to me by Grandma Geeps and Poppa Danny.
What a wonderful day!
Here's me with Pastor Derek, Mama, Papa, and my Godmother, Aunt Stacey.
I was so excited that Auntie Awesome came to share in my special day!
Me, Mama, Papa, and all four of my grandparents.
Great Grandpa Ronnie and Great Grandma Modine were there too!
Opa, Grandma, Mama, Papa, and Aunt Stacey.
Great Aunt Sally and cousin Michelle joined us from San Clemente.

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