Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Busy day

Mama and I got up early today to meet Auntie Amy and Lucas at Peters Canyon for a nature walk/hike.  It was pretty warm out, but I stayed snuggled against Mama in the Moby wrap and slept through the whole thing.  Afterward we went to a little park up the street so Lucas could play on the playground.  I'm not quite big enough yet, so me and Mama sat on the bench and watched.

After leaving the park, running some errands with Mama, and stopping by Grandma and Opa's house to say hi, we headed over to Aunt Stacey's and made a trip to Disneyland. 
Auntie Allison met us there too!  I got to go on lots of rides -- King Arthur's Carousel
Astro Blasters
Pinocchio, Snow White, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Casey Jr., and Alice in Wonderland.  I was so fascinated with all the lights and fun characters on the rides that I don't think I blinked through any of them.  You can see how tired I was at the end of the night...
I was so worn out, I let Mama sleep till 5:00am this morning!  (Sounds early, but, believe me, that's sleeping in these days).  Can't wait to go back for more!!

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