Sunday, August 11, 2013


When I first learned that I wouldn't have a job this summer, I freaked out.  I am a busybody by nature and couldn't imagine what the heck I would do with my time.  And we all know what they say about idle hands.

Enter: the nursery.

God must really know what He's doing because while this isn't the greatest time to not have a steady income, it has certainly worked out in the unlimited-time-to-prepare-a-nursery department.  (And, thanks to my mom instilling good financial practices in me at an early age, the former doesn't seem to be an issue).

If you think back to my July 26th post, you'll recall seeing a "before" picture of what will become Emma Lynn's living quarters (aka the nursery).  Since we knew we were expecting before we moved in -- albeit, by just one day -- we hadn't done much with the room in anticipation of Emma's impending arrival. 

Well, we have been quite busy over here painting and prepping for our very own little Land of Oz.  We finally finished painting today (aside from touch-ups and the billowing clouds that will fill the sky), and here's the beginning of the new look:

Special thanks to Noah Perez, long-time employee of my parents' business and our awesome realtor, for scraping the nasty popcorn ceiling and adding texture for a beautiful blue sky!!

In the midst of all of this painting business, we scored a FREE -- yes, FREE -- matching dresser and crib (thank you, craigslist!).  With a little help from Home Depot, Rust-Oleum Furniture Transformations kit, and quite a bit of elbow grease, they are shaping up to be the bedroom set we've been dreaming of.  Here are some pictures of the items we picked up, with all of their potential. Transformations reveal coming soon...

(Click to enlarge)
Next up: Moulding.

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