Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wizard of Oz

Now that the second trimester is upon us (yay!), we're getting more excited about decorating the nursery.  Last year we decided on a Wizard of Oz theme, and we're stickin' to it!

I've been looking for ideas all over the place, but I guess WoZ just isn't that popular in baby rooms and Pinterest wasn't much help either.  My first thought was to hire a muralist to paint the Emerald City across the wall and a yellow brick road around the room.  Hmm...maybe a little too extravagant.

I decided to start simple: Find a "centerpiece" and build off of that.  I searched everywhere for the perfect wall decoration and finally found the cutest rendition of a WoZ scene, in puzzle format, that is just perfect for a child's room.  After several late nights and help from Nate and Aunt Stacey, we're finally done!  I'm so happy to see it complete and can't wait to get it framed and hung.

It will be a while before we start painting and furnishing (we've got plenty of time!), but can't wait to see how the vision in my head translates into reality!

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