Saturday, November 22, 2014

My first birthday party!

I turned one year old on Wednesday!  Here's what I think about that:
But I decided to celebrate anyway, so we went to Yorba Regional Park today.  Mama, Papa, Nana, Opa, Great Aunt Sally, and Great Grandma Modine all showed up to celebrate me!  I haven't seen Great Grandma Modine since my baptism, so I wasn't quite sure about her at first.
Papa took me down the slide on the playground...
...and I got to play with all the balloons Nana picked up for me.
I got lots of new toys and can't wait to make a big mess with them in the living room!
Of course, no party is complete without cake.
I'm lucky to have so many people who love me!

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  1. Happy birthday, sweet 1 year old! You are SO loved!!!



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