Sunday, July 14, 2013

Little Miss...

I belong to the December 2013 community board on  Sometimes it's nice to have a group of gals going through the same stage of pregnancy as I am to bounce ideas off of.  From the very beginning, you can see the topics go through phases:

Phase 1: "BFP!!!"  (big fat positive preggo test)
Phase 2: "Morning sickness???"  (wants people to agree they are or are not experiencing it)
Phase 3: "First ultrasound/heartbeat!!!"  (need I say more?)
Phase 4: "Boy or girl???"
Phase 5: "Names!?"  (usually asking for opinions, but really just looking for approval)
Phases 6-10...I'll keep you posted

Somewhere in between you have the rants about in-laws, the heartbreaking stories of miscarriage, and "let's talk cravings."

So we're at Phase 5 right now...names.  The common theme these days seems to be "unique."  Everyone wants a one-of-a-kind name that ONLY their child will have; no one else in the whole world.  Unfortunately, you then end up with names like Apple, Blu Ivy, and North.  I just don't get it.  I'm certainly not the only Lisa in this world, and, honestly, it hasn't affected my life one bit.

That said, I am now joining that crazy mamas club and making our name announcement before the Duchess of Cambridge decides to go and birth a baby girl and pick the exact name that we thought of first and I be accused of stealing it.  (Most of the time I think I'm pretty rational...then I go and have thoughts like this.)

So, without further ado, it is my pleasure to introduce to you Miss...

Coming up next week: the results of our 20-week anatomy scan!


  1. Lisa, that's just BEAUTIFUL!!! I have chills. Can't wait to meet that baby and love on her and her mama!!!

    1. Thanks, JJ! We can't wait to introduce her to everyone!! We hit the halfway point today...20 weeks to go! :-D



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