Friday, October 19, 2012

One little, two little, three little follicles

Went back for my ultrasound today hoping that my follicles had grown the expected 1-2mm per day since the last one.  I'll give you one guess...

So now there appear to be 5 potentially viable follicles in my right ovary and 2 in my left.  Not to say they are mature or the size we're hoping for.  They range from 8-11mm and we're shooting for 16mm+.  The nurse says not to worry, it's taking longer than normal, just like Cycle 1 did.  So I guess this is "normal" for me.

The potential risk is that the drugs will continue producing more follicles rather than, or in addition to, maturing the ones that are there.  While 3 or 4 follicles are okay, more than that creates a great risk for multiples.  While we would love to have two identicals running around, I'm not really prepared to be Quatromom (and Octomom is already taken).  ;-)  In that case, we may have to abort this cycle altogether and start again next month.

My estrogen level went from 27 to 36 since my last visit.  Still low, but good that it's rising.  Continuing injections through the weekend and we'll take another look on Monday.



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